Small Rural Start Up

It is not a secret that starting with the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act and the current administration's desire for self preservation at all costs there has been a systemic attack on the USPS. As a very small rural start up working to move towards online sales New Dawn Fields is dependent on the USPS for being able to connect with the rest of the country. Protecting a robust and healthy USPS should not be a partisan issue it helps all communities, red or blue.

In the United States there is a long history of exploitation of rural communities with the wealth generated in these communities being extracted and hoarded elsewhere. New Dawn Fields wants to see ourselves, our community and rural communities like ours be able to thrive. Want to see rural entrepreneurs to be able to generate wealth for themselves and spread it around the community. For Millennials and Gen Z to feasibly be able to live and thrive in rural communities in the digital age high speed, affordable internet needs to become a utility for the public good. Currently New Dawn Fields does not have access to regular internet and online operations have not been able to be maximized because of this lack of a resource that is considered a basic for a successful business in 2020.

New Dawn Fields hopes that people can look past blind partisanship and see that high speed internet and a robust USPS are absolutely crucial for rural communities to be able to survive in the 21st century and beyond. 

New Dawn Fields uses USPS for shipping and hopes you will be understanding if there are shipping delays.It's not their fault.  Please contact your representatives and tell them you want to keep a healthy USPS for all people.