Shiitake Garlic Salt Two Pack

Shiitake Garlic Salt Two Pack

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A rich blend of hardneck garlic and log grown shiitakes. Shiitakes are sun dried and garlic is slowly dried over low temperatures for a week and half. This slow hand crafted process removes the bitterness found in commercial grade garlic powders dried quickly at high temperatures and replaces it with a light caramel-y flavor. Dried Shiitakes bring the umani and are a flavor enhancer. Salt is also used for enhancement. Where as major garlic salts are about 90% salt with some garlic powder mixed in. In our blend Garlic and Shiitakes  make up over 95% of the blend and Diamond Kosher Sea Salt (a less salty salt) is lightly added in.

Can replace garlic powder in a recipe and half what the recipe calls for. Great addition to anything you are looking to bring depth to whether it be soups, pasta, egg dishes. BIG flavor so a pinch goes a long way.

Bottles have 5.5 ounces of this hand crafted blend.

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