Softneck Seed Garlic (PICK UP ONLY)

Softneck Seed Garlic (PICK UP ONLY)

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Garlic is a great addition to any garden. And if you are not a gardener but love hosting dinner parties or getting that food stylist aesthetic to your dish than these two offerings are great for you. Because these varieties when split in half and roasted have that picture These two varieties when split in half have that picture perfect look, of lots of lush cloves, along with great taste. Bulbs are quite large. 

Red Toch is a softneck variety originating in the Republic of Georgia. A stunner with stripes of red and pink and heavily sought after by garlic enthusiasts.  Not a very pungent garlic with a nice mild flavor. Great for roasting or raw.  Each bulb has between 12-18 cloves. Half pound can easily grow 2-3lbs the next year. 

Lorz Italian is a softneck variety originating in Italy. A lovely, showy bulb with a rare quality for softneck garlic of having a bold robust flavor. Perfect choice for people who like a hot and spicy garlic. Beloved for Italian cooking, but also work well for spice forward dishes from South Asia. 14-20 cloves per a bulb, also a 1/2 # easily grows 2-3 lbs of garlic.

Both varieties are sold in 1/2# units and they are both well adapted to cold climates. These are the best two softneck varities that we have found for colder climates. 

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