***SOLD OUT Shiitake-Garlic Salt***

***SOLD OUT Shiitake-Garlic Salt***

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***Currently is only available as either an add-on to Garlic Variety Packs or for pick up, cannot be shipped without Garlic Variety Pack***

Small batch, lovingly hand crafted over low temperatures. Made from a blend of hardneck garlic and log grown shiitake mushrooms for a rich complex flavor. Each small batch takes about a week to make. The bitter notes often found with commercial grade garlic powder are missing here. When garlic is processed quickly at high heat is where the bitterness comes from, at low temperatures the garlic will take on an almost caramelized sweet flavor. 

The shiitakes are grown on maple sugar logs and sun dried. Dried shiitakes work as a flavor enhancer and bring an intense umami flavor.

While most garlic salts are around 80-90% salt, this is made with less than 10% salt. We use Diamond Kosher salt because it is the "least salty salt", but works great as an added flavor enhancer.

Can be used in place of garlic powder in recipes, added to soups, AMAZING on morning eggs, turn your pizza crusts in to bread sticks, really truly use anywhere you want to add savory umami notes.

This is a flavor lovers seasoning.

There are no extra preservatives, anti-caking agents or additives, so if you live in a humid area adding a few grains of rice to your bag is recommended. Found that it does not clump when stored in freezer. 

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